## [1.0.8] – 2020-09-14
* Numerous fixes for WordPress 5.5.x
* Plugin by default loads jquery migrate now, since WordPress discontinued this in 5.5 update.
* CSS/JS fixes for conflicting Woocommerce classes
* Upload button in SEO Metabox now opens media box
* Fix for deprecated PHP function create_function
* Custom CSS class prefixes added to prevent certain other class name conflicts

## [1.0.7] – 2020-04-28
* Fix for 404s defaulting to the homepage on install. If you have this issue on a currently installed site, you must remove the URL from the default field in 404 settings.
* Fixed an issue with canonical URLs
* Fixed an issue with sitemap not activating
* Fixed an issue with semantic tags and added a keyword field. Keyword field will typically be the same name as your semantic tag. You should edit your semantic tags, and add a keyword, if you already have semantic tags added.
* Fixed some CSS and Javascript conflict issues.
* Fixed an issue with opengraph

## [1.0.6] – 2020-02-24
* Fix for Elementor issues
* CSS Partial fix for WooCommerce options disappearing on Product Edit page
There is an issue with the CSS in the schema area of post edit/create pages.
The schema functions correctly, but the fields are small, and the view of the
fields is out of alignment. This will be patched soon.
* Fix for undefined index on some pages
* Fix for screen options not working on some pages

## [1.0.5] – 2020-01-16

Fixed an issue with headers already sent.

## [1.0.4] – 2020-01-15

Many bug fixes and improvements.
* CSS tweaks to schema forms in both page/post level and global
* Fixed save issue on Global Schema
* Added SEO Importer to Modules page
* Added Semantic Tags to page/post schema editor, and Global schema editor
* Changed fields and options for semantic tags edit
* Fixed array error in open graph 830
* Fixed SEO data importer call to deprecated function get_icon()
* Fixed Zlib compression notice
* Fixed a jQuery call that was causing issues with various elements.
* Update for PHP 7.4
* Sitemap header sending application/XML fixed
* Removed CITY from under city fields. This wasn’t actually a duplicate row, it was just INFO like the description of the field. But, it only had city in it.
* Semantic Tags has been updated for Semantic Siloing.

## [1.0.2] – 2019-10-3

### Updated

– Minor bug fix for license page

## [1.0.1] – 2019-10-3

### Updated

– Updated code for self-update of plugin to new versions.
– Updated schema code for organization.