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SEO Ultimate PRO WordPress SEO Plugin Semantic Tags Deep Dive

Semantic Tags Deep Dive (38 Minutes)

Learn how to unleash the power of Schema and linked-data with Semantic Tags (a feature exclusive to SEO Ultimate PRO).

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How to Install and Activate SEO Ultimate PRO!
Version 1.0.7 Release Notes


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Version 1.0.6 Release Notes

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We’re proud to announce Semantic Tags in this release. Please watch the video to learn more. For other revisions and bug fixes, please view the changelog.

Version 1.0.9 How to Auto-Update


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How to Import Settings from Yoast to SEO Ultimate PRO

See How it Works!


Learn how to use the silo builder, Schema Generator and all the modules in this walk-through video.

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This is how you create your FB APP ID for OpenGraph+
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How to Supercharge Your Website With Silos

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If you’ve ever wondered What Website SIlo Architecture or How to Silo Your Content, then watch the video above to see how it works.

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Video #1 is a crash course in Keyword Research for a fictitious project for a travel website about Hawaii Tours. So, we start with a concept, use SEMRUSH to find the keywords then build out the site architecture in Video #2 Below.

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Video #2 shows you how to deploy Website Silo Architecture based on the keywords your website is trying to rank for. The SIlo Builder was originally part of our framework (the SEO Design Framework) but, now, it’s part of SEO Ultimate PRO.

Here’s an old snapshot of the site used in the example to view the Tours By Island Silo.

10 Minute Crash Course on How to Use the SEO Ultimate PRO Silo Builder

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How to Implement 301 Redirects in SEO Ultimate PRO

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How to Update Legacy Schema from SEO Ultimate+

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How to Import SEO Data from Yoast to SEO Ultimate PRO

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How To Create Your Facebook APP ID for OpenGraph+
Please follow this link for a breakout on each of the legacy modules in SEO Ultimate.