Yes, there are other SEO Plugins for WordPress, but None Quite Like This…

SEO Ultimate was born out of the need to optimize websites for our clients in 2007, 13 years later (with over 2 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of lines of code) it’s extensive modular base of features (each like a plugin in itself) it’s legacy as one of the most powerful SEO plugins ever created.

What Makes it SEO Ultimate Different from Yoast and Other Plugins?

What makes SEO Ultimate unique from any other WordPress Plugin is something we mentioned above… the modular design that allows you to toggle features on and off conveniently (in the event you are using another plugin or theme that may create what we call in the plugin world as collisions.

Collisions in code are inevitable as different developers may call the same resources or classes as another plugin, the result is an error. We strategically developed SEO Ultimate for optimal compatibility and designed it with a modular approach so have ultimate flexibility (in your toolbox) and can simply decide which modules are required and disable the ones you do not need.

Where are the Pretty Lights that Tell Me How to Write Content?

Sorry, you won’t find any bells and whistles to pat you on the back in this plugin. Remember, it’s not about how pretty the interface is, it’s does it work?

The only thing that’s pretty to us is seeing Rankings that stand out from the competition which is why we have more supported Schema Types than any other Plugin (22 types of valid schema) at your fingertips to tell RankBrain and B.E.R.T. what they need to give your pages lift.

The scope of content development for rankings exceeds the “focus keyword” and titles and meta tags, it’s about constructing a page with topical depth and topical breadth that encompass the entire conversation holistically so that related topics and themes, synonyms, modifiers

It’s more than just adding a few things, but, if you’re really interested in learning how to write topical content that ranks, we’ve created a video here that will show you a structured approach (based on entities and the semantic web) which is also covered extensively in our SEO Bootcamp Training.

Why Aren’t there 1 Million Modules?

There are limits to code bloat and so, yes, we could have added more, but, some plugins do such a great job then why make it more complicated.

Furthermore, we’ve coded redundancy into the modules that are presently there. For example, you can add 3rd party scripts from other plugins or websites like tracking code, scripts, etc. in the code inserter+.

You can do redirects in the file editor with the .htaccess editor (with just a few lines of code).. You can add schema such as QA (Questions and Answers Schema), Schema for Local Business, Organization, Video, Reviews, and more (up to 22 types), build internal links automatically with settings to control link frequency and destination. build website silo architecture (SEO Friendly site architecture) easily for advanced SEO types (without coding) and so much more…

There are always refinements made to modules as well as new modules in development to keep in phase with Google’s new methods for content optimization. However, after using SEO Ultimate, you can see why it’s one of the most robust and feature-rich All-In-One SEO Plugins for WordPress. And, it’s Risk-FREE (as we honor a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy).